Pokemon Sun and Moon have been confirmed, but we’re still unsure what exactly they are


Yesterday’s leak proved to be accurate. Nintendo is indeed releasing new Pokemon games. But we now know that they are for the 3DS and will release this holiday season. They will also include new language options for both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Unfortunately, that’s about it. There were no new … Continue reading

Fallout 4 Is Here!


Welp.  The worst kept secret on the gaming calendar for 2015 is finally out.  In case Bethesda’s impromptu announcement of a press conference at E3 wasn’t hint enough (and it should have been since they don’t have any significant annual 1st party releases like EA and Ubisoft do), the company … Continue reading

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Hype, Maturity and Meaningful Progression

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt_blog

The Witcher 3 is CD Projekt RED’s coming out party.  And they are just getting started. It’s very rare to find games that generate the amount of anticipation at a consistently high level that I have felt for Wild Hunt over the past two years.  Sure, I’ve been excited for … Continue reading

Top Free iOS Games of 2015 So Far


Of all of the gaming platforms available, none have more readily embraced the Free-to-Play model more so than mobile.  Smart phones and tablets have made it more convenient than ever to satiate a gaming fix on the go and in smaller doses.  Licensing and developing for mobile devices is by … Continue reading

Titanfall: My Lesson in Patience


I like to think of myself as a generally patient person when it comes to new game releases and one who has a good eye for quality.  I like getting surplus value out of my new acquisitions, and that has to do a lot with price.  Granted, I will make … Continue reading

The Order: 1886: Should Games Be Shorter?


Games have evolved a lot since I began my gaming career back in 1997 on my PS1.  In those days, the standard retail price for most games in new condition was $40, especially if they were less than a year old.  But even then, the prices never varied too much. … Continue reading

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: A Blueprint for Game Demos


In just a few days, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will release for the Nintendo 3DS and once again fans all over the world will be able to Catch ‘Em All.  Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are Nintendo’s third set of remakes from previous generations, this time taking on … Continue reading

Booty Hunters iOS: Choosing Your Play Style

BH_Cove BG Half Res

Daniel R. Miller is the Lead Writer and PR Rep for Volite Games. One of the things that the team at Volite Games emphasized during the development of Booty Hunters is fostering the player’s sense of experimentation with very deep and easy-to-use ship customization mechanics. Among the game’s many foundations is the … Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed 2014: Why I’m Excited for Rogue More Than Unity


It’s no secret that Assassin’s Creed has evolved into a franchise that carries the perception of being the “third-person Call of Duty” by a lot of video game fans.  Yearly releases have become the norm for a franchise that I was initially fascinated by during E3 in 2006. I was … Continue reading

Influent Review: Achieving the Balance Between Learning and Fun


Educational games have always had it tough.  While I was in school getting my Master’s in Game Development, Educational Game creation was always a hot topic that was swiftly and passionately debated.  The over arching challenge that everyone could agree on for a successful design was for the designer to … Continue reading