Fallout 4 Is Here!


Welp.  The worst kept secret on the gaming calendar for 2015 is finally out.  In case Bethesda’s impromptu announcement of a press conference at E3 wasn’t hint enough (and it should have been since they don’t have any significant annual 1st party releases like EA and Ubisoft do), the company … Continue reading

The Vessels of Booty Hunters: Enemy Types


As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Every game developer can attest that the same applies to design. Booty Hunters aims to deliver on that ideal by delivering a naval combat experience that features carefully balanced and unique enemy types.  The first three enemy types players will … Continue reading

The Order: 1886: Should Games Be Shorter?


Games have evolved a lot since I began my gaming career back in 1997 on my PS1.  In those days, the standard retail price for most games in new condition was $40, especially if they were less than a year old.  But even then, the prices never varied too much. … Continue reading

10 Reasons That Booty Hunters Should be on Your Radar


1.) It scratches the “Pirate Game Itch” that genre fans so desperately crave. Prominent pirate games in the gaming community can be hard to come by. Booty Hunters aims to give genre fans just that by putting one, in the palm of their hands on iPhone devices. 2.) The game is built … Continue reading