Is Microsoft getting ready to announce a partnership with Steam?

Something might be brewing over at Microsoft and its potential has me excited. As a disclaimer, nothing is confirmed. This is simply all speculation based upon recent happenings with a particular domain name. That domain name is “”. *SQUEAL*

According to a post on reddit, the domain has been active recently and it just so happens that Microsoft is holding a press event on February 25th. The top comment on the thread (written by Admiral_Charger) presents the theory that we’re all now begging Microsoft to be the case; that we will be able to link our Steam Accounts with our Xbox Live profiles to better enable the cross-buy functionality that Microsoft has been pushing as its focus in recent weeks. *DOUBLE SQUEAL*

Unfortunately, there is one major detail that goes against this theory. The upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, which was announced to have cross-buy functionality, will not be seeing a Steam release and is instead a Windows Store exclusive. However, that’s not to say that 3rd party games, like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, couldn’t be used in a potential partnership. Fingers crossed guys.

Quick Take: While it’s easy to get excited, I don’t see why Microsoft would make this partnership with Steam and not include their own exclusives. That seems counter-intuitive to succeeding at being a prominent cross-buy platform. That said, I will remain hopeful, but it’s important to keep your expectations low.

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