Nintendo likely announcing two new Pokemon games, Sun and Moon tomorrow

The folks over at Nerd Leaks caught something potentially exciting today. Apparently Nintendo has just filed a trademark for two new Pokemon games called Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon with logos (see below).

pokemon_sun pokemon_moon

We already know that Nintendo is planning on doing a Pokemon themed Nintendo Direct tomorrow, so it bears fruit that these games will likely be announced tomorrow.  What exactly they are is still a mystery however.

It hasn’t been that long since a new generation was released, but one possibility might be that Nintendo is adding a set of Pokemon to the current generation (a Gen 6.5 if you will). Nintendo recently revealed a new Pokemon, Magearna, a couple of weeks ago, so it’s possible that the new ‘mon might coincide with a new game.

Also interestingly enough, the YouTuber and Pokemon super fan, Sleepy Jirachi, recently posted a video called “GEN 6.5 LEAKED LIST OF POKÉMON!”, which happens to include the aforementioned Magearna. Here is the video.

Tomorrow can’t get here soon enough.

Source: [Nerd Leaks]

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