PS Plus subscribers getting exclusive access to Hitman Beta

A new post on the PlayStation Blog by IO-Interactive’s Community Manager, Travis Barbour revealed that the Hitman Beta, once accessed only by those who pre-ordered the game, will be coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers as well beginning on March 4th. The Beta will run through that weekend, ending on March 6th.

The mission that players will have access to is known as “The Prologue” which takes place at the start of Agent 47’s career and introduces players to the game’s basic mechanics and flow. The team also dropped a brand new trailer (seen above) called Hitman “Legacy” Opening Cinematic which fills in the 20 year gap between the prologue and the game’s first level, the Sanguine Fashion Show in Paris.

It’s not long now until March 11th, so if you missed out on the Beta before, this is you last chance to preview the game before it launches.

Quick Take:  I’m not a huge fan of having to pre-order a game in order to access its Beta (I miss the days of good old fashioned demos), but this is a nice consolation prize. I’m very interested in seeing how effectively the Hitman franchise is able to return to its roots and you should be too. Hitman could very well end up being a surprise hit when all is said and done.

Source: [PlayStation Blog]

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