Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 are coming to Xbox One and PS4

resident evil 4

Good news everyone! Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 are officially heading to Xbox One and PS4. Each game will be sold individually at $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99 each and will release one at a time beginning on March 29th with Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil 5 … Continue reading

Is Microsoft getting ready to announce a partnership with Steam?


Something might be brewing over at Microsoft and its potential has me excited. As a disclaimer, nothing is confirmed. This is simply all speculation based upon recent happenings with a particular domain name. That domain name is “”. *SQUEAL* According to a post on reddit, the domain has been active … Continue reading

Titanfall: My Lesson in Patience


I like to think of myself as a generally patient person when it comes to new game releases and one who has a good eye for quality.  I like getting surplus value out of my new acquisitions, and that has to do a lot with price.  Granted, I will make … Continue reading